The Wire S02E10 Storm Warnings

“It pays to go with the union card every time.” – Ziggy
Ethnic tension over the next union secretary continues to build; Sobotka still plans to run contrary to a long-standing gentlemen’s agreement. Ziggy steals four new cars from the docks and fences three to Glekas who double-crosses Ziggy by halving his original cut. Ziggy in a rage shoots a young Greek employee and kills Glekas. He remains outside the warehouse to turn himself in. Nick is the first to learn of his cousin’s arrest and after facing the wrath of his uncle, drowns his sorrows in a local park. The detail uses satellite technology to its advantage but meets a setback as Valchek turns over control of the investigation to the FBI. Bodie is pleased with the new supply of drugs, but unhappy that Proposition Joe’s nephew Cheese is on his turf. Cheese is wounded by Brother Mouzone, further complicating relations between Stringer and Proposition Joe.

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