The Wire S02E02 Collateral Damage

“They can chew you up, but they gotta spit you out.” – McNulty
Officer Russell is assigned the murders of the thirteen women discovered in the cargo container. McNulty offers to help and again ensures that the case goes back to Rawls’ homicide department. Valchek strikes a deal with Acting Commissioner Burrell—in return for supporting Burrell in his aspirations for promotion, Valchek demands Burrell set up a detail to investigate Sobotka and his union. Sobotka, angry at not being informed of the container’s contents, considers cutting his ties with The Greek and demands a meeting. “Horseface”complains of sudden police pressure to Sobotka and the two come up with a plan to further embarrass Valchek. In prison, Avon Barksdale’s relationship with his nephew D’Angelo begins to sour. Bodie Broadus finds that the new shipment of drugs for the Barksdale Organization is missing.

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