The Inbetweeners S03E03 Will’s Dilemma

Simon takes his new girlfriend on a double date with Will and Kerry – Tara’s friend. However, Will’s morals are tested when he is not at all interested in Kerry because of her height, but he is keen to receive oral sex from her, and therefore contemplates whether to stay with her or end their ‘relationship’. Elsewhere, Neil is having his 18th birthday party and is allowed to invite ten friends (if he has that many). Later at Neil’s party, Simon and Tara go to Neil’s bedroom where Tara gives Simon a hand job. Meanwhile Will decides to tell Kerry he does not want to see her anymore after being teased by Jay and Neil. Kerry takes this badly and bursts into tears. She then lies and tells the other guests at the party that Will used her for sex and dumped her, whilst Will argues that he was right for denying oral sex from Kerry. Furthermore, Will is unaware that Kerry’s dad died the previous month, and the guests side with Kerry. He also compares Kerry to the Empire State Building, which gets him kicked out of Neil’s house and banned from returning. Will is grounded for three weeks, and as a subplot, Neil and Jay are given a months detention for saying “Waterside” to Mr Gilbert, after spotting him at the Waterside Shopping Centre looking fondly at cuddly toys.

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