The Drew Carey Show S09E26 Finale

n the series finale, Drew and Kellie scramble to tie the knot before the birth of their son; Drew, in desperation to tie the knot quickly before the baby is born so that it wouldn’t be born out of wedlock, tries to solicit a priest, who was granting the wish of staying at the bedside a dying man to offer last rites to him. As the baby starts to come out as Kellie goes into labor. When the man dies, the priest returns to Kellie’s hospital room, just in time for the baby delivery, as Drew and Kellie rush to get the priest to marry them as the child is delivered.

Meanwhile, Kellie’s parents have to iron things out concerning their relationship, which has just hit a major snag after her mom Annette’s affair with Lewis, as fireworks ensued at the Warsaw Pub as Drew and Kellie announced their wedding plans before she began experiencing labor pains, which caused Drew and the family to get Tony, the Bus Driver to rush her to the hospital beforehand.

After the baby is born, Drew, in realinzing that he and Kellie had yet to come to a name for the baby, and out of his appreciation to the dying man who had the priest perform last rites on him before he died in allowing the priest to marry he and Kellie, asks the priest what the man’s first name was. When the priest tells Drew that the man’s name was Enos, he kisses Kellie and the baby as he then says “Here’s to Drew, Jr.!”

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