The Drew Carey Show

Drew Carey is your everyday blue-collar guy who’s struggling through life’s ups and downs with his closest friends, Oswald, Lewis and Kate. Stuck in the same job for ten years, Drew performs a balancing act between sucking up to his boss and doing his best to irritate his annoying co-worker, Mimi. When he’s not at work, he’s trying to have some success in the romance department and indulging in a few of his own beers he brews in his garage with his friends.

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S09E26 08.09.2004


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S09E25 08.09.2004

The Passion of the Wick

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S09E24 01.09.2004

Knot in the Mood

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S09E23 01.09.2004

Love, Sri Lankan Style

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S09E22 25.08.2004

Assault with a Lovely Weapon

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S09E21 25.08.2004

Sleeping with the Enemy

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