Psych S02E13 Lights, Camera… Homicidio

The police have called Shawn and Gus down to the television studio. There has been a murder on the set of the telenovela “Explosion Gigantesca de Romance,” Gus’ favorite soap opera. But when they get to the set, Lassiter says Juliet jumped the gun calling them and the case is open and shut, in fact the whole thing was caught on tape. One of the actors, Jorge Gama-Lobo stabbed the victim during one of the scenes. But Jorge insists someone switched the prop knife for a real one without his knowledge. Shawn looks around and sees a long hair on the murder weapon. He also watches playback of the incident and can see the genuine surprise on Jorge’s face. He claims Jorge is innocent. Vick tell him he’s not under arrest yet, he’s just been temporarily suspended from the show. Gus can’t believe it. Jorge’s character is in the middle of an important love triangle with the character Corrine. Shawn tells Vick about the hair on the knife that clearly wasn’t Jorge’s and asks for one day to investigate at the show. She agrees.

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